duendedefined: (Joyous Amethyst)
2015-12-21 06:24 pm

Kink Meme Fills

To be added to as I fill more shit.

Steven Universe

Your Beauty And Your Worth

PAIRING: Pearl/Rose...sorta
CONTENT WARNINGS: Dubcon/noncon, abuse (mostly emotional), mind games, manipulation
PROMPT: "So, the way Peridot described Pearls in general (like valets and servants to be "flaunted around" like personal assistants and designer handbags) and our Pearl in particular made it clear that there's a definite class divide between pearls and other Gems. Combine that with my love of obvious power imbalances and less than good!Rose... Well here I am. 

Basically, what I want is Rose owning Pearl and definitely treating her like the servant she is with a lot of subtle mind / emotional games and plenty of using Pearl as a fancy bedwarmer, regardless of if Pearl wants to that night or not. Pearl is unhappy with how she's being treated (maybe she came from a worse place than this and thought Rose would be kinder), but she doesn't dare complain. (basically take the concept of "Rose saves Pearl from a crappy life on Homeworld" and twist the hell out of it) 

The only squick I would call off limits is scat, otherwise it's all fair game. Make this as creepy and dubcon-y as you can bear, Anons. Thanks in advance!"